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In order to determine how Richland One is meeting its mission, parents are invited to participate in a survey.

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Current News

Boys and girls, you worked hard this year and we thank you for that!   While you're off for the summer, we hope that you are reading all the books you received in May and that you are visiting the public library at least once each week.  They have great programs and activities and let your borrow up to 60 items so please visit them as often as you can.  We look forward to seeing you back here at school safe and sound on August 18th.  Enjoy your summer!

This Is Who We Are...

Our 2013-2014 School-wide Theme:  "Excellence 'Bee'gins With Me!"

Richland School District One & Bradley Elementary School Mission Statement:

We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

Our Beliefs:

-every person can learn and has the right to reach his/her potential;

-every person is responsible for his/her actions;

-the dignity of every person should be respected;

-community and family support are vital to the success of students;

-every person has the right to learn in a safe enviroment;

-cultural diversity enriches society;

-every person has talents and abilities that are worth developing;

-an environment that is built upon positive relationships and effective communication is essential to the success of all individuals.

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 18
Students' first day!

From the Principal

Welcome to Bradley Elementary School
where our motto is "Excellence In Action."

I am honored to serve as your new principal and look forward to working with the faculty/staff,students, parents and the entire community to make Bradley Elementary a premier school of excellence. As we continue to strive towards greatness we must remember, that as our motto
suggests,greatness is about action and action is about constant movement! Our goal will be to constantly move/grow our students academically. Through differentiated and small group instruction based on individual student needs, we will work to prepare our students for academic success.

Our school-wide theme for the 2013-2014 school year is: "Excellence 'Bee'gins With ME!" This theme will serve as an affirmation for our students and faculty and further remind us that each of us are responsible for giving our personal best each day in effort to become the best that
we can be as individuals and as a collective unit. By improving ourselves as individuals, we will also improve the collective output of the school. I am committed to making this school year a very prosperous one and ask that our parents and community members become actively involved in our children - our future!

If I can be of service please do not hesitate to call.